Kharkiv Humanitarian-Pedagogical Academy is one of the oldest higher educational  establishment of Ukraine (1920). The structural units of the Academy are Kharkiv and Krasnohrad colleges and the Balakliyska branch. The academy prepares specialists for the first (bachelor’s), second (master’s) and third (doctor of philosophy) levels.

For 99 years of its existence, more than 85,000 highly qualified specialists have been trained in the Academy and its structural units. This is confirmed by numerous reviews, letters of thanks from the heads of educational establishments, offices of Education and departments of Education of the Kharkiv region, Ukraine.

Halyna Fedorivna Ponomaryova, Doctor of Pedagogical Sciences, Professor, Academician of the International Academy of Pedagogical Education, Academician of the National Academy of Human Problems, Honored Worker of Education of Ukraine, Honorary Citizen of the Kharkiv Region has been the head of this educational establishment for 27 years.

There are 16 departments in the Academy which carry out scientific and methodological work in 4 faculties: psycho-pedagogical, pre-school and special education and history, physical education and arts, social pedagogical sciences and foreign philology. The educational process is provided by 188 highly qualified scientific and pedagogical staff, 76% of teaching staff have a degree (Doctor of science and Ph.D.) and an academic title (Professor and Associate professor). Specialists are trained in 15 specialties and 15 specializations: Primary education; Pre-school education; Secondary education (Music); Secondary education (Language and Literature (English); Secondary education (Physical education); Secondary education (Computer Science); Social work; Special education; Physical education and sports; Cultural Studies; Philology; Psychology; History and Archeology; Management, Biology, as well as postgraduate studies in the specialty: 011 Science of education in the specializations: general pedagogy and history of pedagogy, theory and methods of education; 231 Social work in the specialization: social work.

The Academy and its structural units have a well-equipped material, educational, scientific and methodological base. There is a training and methodological centre, a medical centre, a library with two subscriptions, 2 reading rooms, 3 book stores. The library of the Academy has over 175 thousand copies of educational, scientific, methodical and fiction literature, as well as a sufficient number of professional publications. The academy has 4 sports halls and an assembly hall, 3 gyms and 2 gymnasium rooms for occupying rhythmic choreography, 2 gymnastic halls, 2 gymnasium rooms for occupying aerobics, 3 sports grounds, 2 sports and health centres with necessary equipment. The Academy staff cooperates with 36 Ukrainian and foreign higher educational establishments and 95 general educational institutions, departments of education and academic societies. Cooperation with state and public organizations is established and it is constantly expanding. Teachers of the Academy constantly increase their scientific and professional levels. International, national and regional conferences are organized and held annually on the basis of the Academy, in particular according to the plan of the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine on current pedagogical problems. Scientific-pedagogical and teaching staff from Ukraine, Belarus, Moldova, Poland, etc. take part in the conferences. Teachers and students of the academy and its structural units are constantly participating in international and all-Ukrainian scientific and practical conferences. Every year the students of the Academy are winners of all-Ukrainian Olympiads in separate directions and specialties, Taras Shevchenko International Competition for Students, and Peter Yatsyk International Competition in Ukrainian. There are 4 multiple winners of World Championships among the students of the Academy; 8 – Europe, 23 – Ukraine, over 100 – the Kharkiv region and Kharkiv in 11 kinds of sport. According to the rating of the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine among higher education establishments, the Academy staff is one of the leaders annually. For significant achievements in the field of training highly qualified teaching staff in recent years, the educational establishment was awarded: in 2013 for the participation in the International Exhibition “Modern Educational establishments – 2013 “the Academy was awarded a diploma and a gold medal in the nomination “Implementation of the system of competences in the educational process as the basis of qualitative professional training of higher education specialists”; in 2014 on the results of participation in the 5th International Exhibition “Modern Educational Establishments 2014”, the academy staff was awarded the title of “Leader of scientific and scientific-technical activities” for its high rates in the rating exhibition competition. In 2015 the Academy was awarded the Diploma VII of the Specialized Exhibition with international participation for entrants “Education of Slobozhanshchyna”; in 2015 on the results of participation in the exhibition-presentation, the National exhibition competition and the competition on thematic nominations which were held during the VII International Forum “Innovation in Contemporary Education” the academy staff was awarded for outstanding scientific and practical achievements in education in the nomination “Electronic educational resource” and became a laureate of the first degree in the nomination “Innovations in the creation of a system of internal quality assurance of higher education”; in 2016, as a result of participation in the VII International Exhibition “Modern educational establishments”, our educational establishment was awarded a gold medal in the category “Innovative forms of development of professional competence of pedagogical staff in educational establishments” and was awarded the title of “Leader of scientific and technical activity”. As a result of participation in the VIII International Exhibition “Modern Educational Establishments – 2017” the Municipal Establishment “Kharkiv Humanitarian and Pedagogical Academy” of the Kharkiv Regional Council was awarded: – a gold medal in the nomination “Implementation of the system of competences in the educational process as the basis for professional training of higher education specialists”; – a gold medal in the category “Competent approach – the basis of quality of the content of educational process in educational establishments”; – a diploma of the Grand Prix “Leader of scientific and scientific-technical activity”. According to the results of participation in the VIII International Forum “Innovation in Contemporary Education”: a diploma for active participation in innovation.

As a result of participation in the Ninth International Exhibition “Modern Educational Establishments – 2018”, the Academy was awarded: a gold medal in the nomination “Innovation in the pedagogical process to improve the quality of knowledge of graduates”; Grand Prix “Leader of Scientific and Scientific and Technical Activities”; and as a result of participating in the Ninth International Innovation in Modern Education Forum – a diploma for innovative searches in reforming education and science.

The staff of the Academy was awarded the diploma of the XV International Exhibition “Education of Slobozhanshchyna” for achievements in the development of the educational process on the innovative principles.

As a result of participation in the Tenth International Exhibition “Modern Educational Institutions – 2019”, the Academy was awarded: a gold medal in the nomination “Integration of State Standard Resources and Innovative Practices in the Process of Implementation of End-to-end Content Lines in the Educational Environment”; Grand Prix “Leader of scientific and scientific-technical activity”, a diploma for active participation in reforming the education system.

In 2019 the staff of the Academy was awarded the diploma of the XVI International Exhibition “Education of Slobozhanshchyna and Education Abroad” for achievements in the development of the educational process on the innovative principles.

Pedagogical work at the Academy is an organic component of the educational process and it matches the contemporary needs of the independent Ukrainian state. It develops students’ civic qualities, their high moral qualities and a sense of patriotism. Extensive extracurricular work, teachers’ and students’ sponsored and volunteer activities are carried out. It helps to establish social connections, formation of moral and spiritual qualities. The priority of this direction is to focus on the new education strategy as a multi-component and multi-vector system that shapes the future development of the Ukrainian state. The administration of the academy, its structural units and the teaching staff provide full national-patriotic education of youth, socialization of the individual, formation of a healthy nation and creation of conditions for full-fledged development of student youth.

There are 107 creative groupings in the academy and its structural units. They cover up to 80% of all students. Among them there are three Folk amateur groups: choir “Svitanok”, dance ensemble “Sontsevorot”, “Divochi spivanochky” and the Best Artistic Group Women ‘s choir “Rozmai”.The result of the work is their participation in concert programs and educational events at the level of academy, district, city, region as well as their participation in competitions-festivals of different level and organizing volunteer, chef’s concerts in military units for ATO/OUF soldiers, orphanages, boarding school students and students of the centres.

One of the most important tasks of the staff is to continue the work of forming students’ responsible attitude towards their health and the health of others as the highest individual and social values.75% of students participate in various sports sections, as well as in the fitness and health institutions of Kharkiv and its region.

686 students from the socially disadvantaged categories are under the constant tutelage of the rector, heads of departments and teachers. These are 105 students from orphans and children deprived of parental care. Every fifth is a student from socially disadvantaged categories. All conditions for successful education, personal development and full life of students of preferential contingent, their preparation for independent life were created by the administration, the teaching staff and the student council of the academy.

In order to introduce ideas of gender equality into the educational process since 2009, the Gender Education Centre has been working at the Academy, whose members have been taking educational activities to ensure equal rights and opportunities for women and men, to eliminate all forms of discrimination and bullying, to prevent violence in all spheres of society, to counteract human trafficking.

With the assistance of the Rector, a resource scientific and methodological centre for social and pedagogical support of inclusive and integrated education was created.

The Academy organizes the optimal educational and socio-cultural environment, which is implemented in: the system of social and psychological support of students with special educational needs, in conducting “Tolerance Lessons” in student groups;  in the creation of an integrated volunteer group Open Heart; in providing explanatory and informative internet work with parents of students with disabilities; in various forms of organization of leisure and creative growth of students with special educational needs, in creating rehabilitation rooms etc.

Public organizations of Kharkiv (“Charitable Foundation”, “Institute for Early Intervention”, “Charitable Foundation for Assistance to Children with Autism and Speech Disorders”, “Flowers of Life”, PO “Parent Club” at the Institute for Maternity and Childhood Protection, etc.) have been actively involved in the educational work of the School of Inclusive Volunteering in the Academy.

“Children’s Room” was created at the Academy within the All-Ukrainian project “Family Friendly University” on the initiative of the student council, the support of the rector, the administration and the teachers. It is in demand among young parents – teachers, students and their children. Kids enjoy having fun in this room under the supervision of volunteer tutors during student lessons and teachers´ work.

Close cooperation of the administration with student self-government bodies is established in order to fulfill the requirements of Article 40 of the Law of Ukraine “About Higher Education” for the proper functioning of the Academy and to ensure o students’ gradual transition from a fixed at the first year level to the highest and the maximum possible level of their self-education and self-improvement.

The Head of the Student Council of the Academy is a member of the Kharkiv Regional Student Council and is a member of the Student Council at the Ministry of Information Policy of Ukraine. The Student Council of the Academy is a collective member of the Ukrainian Student Association. Students are active members of the Academic Council of the Academy, faculties, admissions committee, scholarship commissions and other advisory bodies.

Within the joint project “East and West Together” the cooperation of teachers and students of the Academy with Khmelnytskyi Humanitarian-Pedagogical Academy, which was started in 2014, continues and develops successfully.