The Academy is one of the oldest pedagogical institutions of higher education in Ukraine, founded in 1920.

The structural subdivisions of the Academy are Kharkiv, Krasnohrad and Balakliia Pedagogical Professional Colleges, which provide training for the educational and professional degree of Junior Professional Bachelor.

The Academy trains specialists at the following levels: first (bachelor’s), second (master’s), third (doctor of philosophy) and scientific (doctor of science).

For 103 years, the institution has trained more than 90,000 highly qualified specialists for educational institutions of all levels and social services, who are proficient in modern teaching methods and educational technologies.

Every year, more than 200 students become winners and prize-winners of international, national, regional, and city competitions, festivals, Olympiads, contests, etc. Students are regular active participants in scientific and practical conferences, roundtables, seminars, workshops, educational events, and grant recipients of international projects.

77% of the academic staff have scientific degrees of doctor of science, candidate of science and doctor of philosophy, academic titles of professor and associate professor.

78% of academic and teaching staff have been awarded state, departmental and local government awards.

The academic and teaching staff of the Academy systematically undergo international internships and improve their qualifications at leading Ukrainian higher education institutions.

Teachers are regular participants, winners, prize-winners and laureates of the regional competition “Higher School of Kharkiv Region – the Best Names”, international and national exhibitions, festivals, scientific conferences, seminars, webinars, etc.

The Academy’s staff cooperate with 22 foreign and 30 Ukrainian higher education institutions.

For ten years in a row, based on the results of participation in international exhibitions, the Academy’s staff have received awards in the nomination “Leader of Scientific and Technical Activities”, diplomas for scientific and practical achievements in providing high-quality professional training for the national education system, and gold medals for innovative updating of the content of national education during the international forums “Innovation in Modern Education” and “Modern Educational Institutions”.

The Academy is listed in the publication “The Golden Fund of the Nation. Scientific and Educational Potential of Ukraine”.