Teaching profession is one of the most valuable for our society as it is directed at its present and future at the same time. It is impossible to build a successful country without teaching job because education is the earnest of success and prosperity of the nation.

Today, under the influence of new demands and the life itself, teaching profession is getting new facets, becoming more complicated and responsible. With love for children and dedication to his profession, an educator is of great value for national education, family, and native Ukraine.

Considerable scientific potential, innovation technologies, leading edge ideas, which are put into life by the Academy staff, enable it to be in the movement and maintain the leading positions among the high educational establishments of Kharkiv Oblast, Kharkivshchyna.

The competence of the professional and teaching staff, conscientious attitude to own work, insistent efforts, unselfishness ensure the quality training of up-to-date, highly skilled, creative specialists for different fields of science and education.

More than 85 thousand of highly skilled specialists for preschool, comprehensive and out-of-school educational institutions, social services, educational establishments and IT-companies, who are capable to conceive creatively, to seek to learn the unknown, to set oneself the daring aim and attain it, have been prepared for 100 years. This is the credo of up-to-date graduate of our academy!

It is difficult to find a preschool, comprehensive and out-of-school educational institution where our graduates do not work. The diploma of academy graduate is the sign of professionalism, creativity and industriousness. I am sure that this will continue.

Highly skilled scientific and pedagogical workers provide the proper level of professional training of seekers for higher education. 74% of scientific and pedagogical workers have scientific degree of doctor and candidate of sciences, academic rank of professor and associate professor.

78% of professional and teaching staff are awarded with state, departmental letters of commendation, appreciations, and also awards of local authorities.

A powerful professional and teaching staff, up-to-date material and technical base, and the purposeful development of international relations create all conditions for satisfaction of the various educational needs of young people and contribute to the realization of each student’s creative abilities.

The emblem of our educational establishment is an open book, the source of wisdom and spirituality. We are ready to help anyone who wants to read it.

Welcome to our educational establishment.